Goan Artist Wendy Pixola mints first International Digital NFT

Not all of the paintings of Wendy Rama "Pixola" are based on Goan themes, but she gets strong inspiration from her native place. Her paintings are unique and eye catching. With the use of bold colours, a piece from "Pixola" will certainly become the centre of attraction and conversation topic in your home.

However, now she enters the international stage of Digital Art. Her first NFT (Non fungitable Token) was minted at nftalley.io on August 9th, 2021.

NFT Blue
                      Faced Girl on NFTalley.io

You may have heard of art on NFT auctions on more popular markets like OpenSea being sold for Lakhs of Rupees or thousands of Dollars with high transaction costs on the ETH block chain.
Don't worry ! "Pixolas" debut NFT BLUE FACED GIRL could be yours for around 1000 Rs / 12 $.
That should be well worth the small inconvenience of BUYING BNB, installing the Metamask Browser Extension and swapping BNB (Binance Coin) to ALLEY tokens. On top of that you will get the lowest transaction cost thanks to running on the fast Binance Smart Chain instead of the slow and costly Ether Network.

If you don't know how to bid on the auction using ALLEY tokens READ ON HERE 


Go To
Pixolas NFT 'The Blue Faced Girl' with the following link

(without the wallet connected the link may not work. Try searching for pixola)

Wendy Rama's twitter ID is @RamaPixola

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