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 This is the Best thing to Happen to Sex !!!, April 12, 2010
Viperious "Anonymous" (Louisisana) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Zeus Electrosex Beginner Estim Box (Health and Beauty)
My Girlfriend and myself have been using this device for a few months now, and it is unarguably the best thing to happen to our sex life
since we discovered the right size condom to use... Its simply amazing.
It is a tiny little black box with two knobs on teh top, three LED lights on top, and what look like two very tiny Earphone plug-ins...
Under the sliding battery cover is the recess for the 9-volt batter, and two knobs and a switch.
You can use any of a myriad of accessories with this little unit including Tens Pads, Torpedoes, Clamps, and other neat stuff...
most all available here on Amazon.
Once you have your leads connected and attached to the desired parts of your or your partners body, you turn the various controls
to alter the sensation they feel... There are four basic modularities you can alter while using it:
Length of pulse Knob, which seems only to make the pulse weaker and stronger, and only very slightly,;

Rate of pulse Knob, which turns the speed of the electricity delivered from sporadic dots, to a constant current...

Mode Switch, which consists of three preset modes including 1, Modulated, intermittent pulse, which feeds off of previous two settings...
2, Modulated constant pulse, which also feeds off of the rate and length, and 3, Intermittent Pulse, which does not seem to be affected
by length or rate settings...

Channel Intensity Knob, which modulates the power of the voltage of the current it is running through the leads...

When placed directly on the head of the penis or on or near the female Clitoris, you can generate a constant sensation that is far more
intense than manual stimulation through masturbation or sexual intercourse...

I suggest you use this product whit some care at first and experiment with it carefully... if you need tips or advice, you can contact me
through my personal profile here on amazon, and I will get back to you... My Girlfriend and myself currently use it with light bondage
to increase the sensation and put the control in the other persons hands... it is extremely erotic and fun....

If you want to see how it is used go to http://sendvid.com/7lx0nlli

Electro Sex Vibrator All in One Unit
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