ESCROW SERVICE GETS EVEN BETTER Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of

What can you expect ?

1 Simple integration

Integration can now be completed quickly and cost-effectively with our modern and easy to understand API.

2 Developers first

With a new developer portal, interactive documentation, and real-time dashboards, we are putting developers first. We can�t wait to see what you build!

3 No chargebacks - ever!

There are no chargebacks with In fact, with fees as low as 0.89%, is cheaper than most credit cards.

4 Marketplace and shopping cart protection

Our simple escrow process protects your buyers and sellers from payment and delivery scams, helping you to quickly grow your business locally and internationally.

5 Built-in compliance, safety, and security

We handle the difficult business of protecting your platform from unsavory actors.
jet global business escrow services
6 Real-time insights

Stay up-to-date on your transactions through our portal and webhook integrations.

7 Always up and always improving

Our payments platform is always available and our modern continuous integration practices mean that it gets better every day.