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Looking for an apartment or room for your vacation at exceptional rates ?
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rent out your pattaya holiday

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  List Your Apartment Condo or Room in Thailand Here lets you make money renting out your place in Pattaya

No fee for the listing

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Creating a listing page is free. You will only pay a 3% service fee when you confirm a reservation.

Communication is easy

Exchanging messages will help you select guests who are a good fit for your listing.
You can review their profiles and the reviews they’ve received for more detail.

You are in control

You set the price for your listing, your availability, and reservation requirements for your guests.
You can also set custom prices to earn more during popular travel seasons.

Global support

A global support team is available 24 hours a day. And eligible hosts are protected up to $1,000,000
with the Host Guarantee.

The Top 10 Tips for Successful Hosting

1. Create a detailed, accurate listing page.

To get reservation requests from guests who are a good fit for your listing, make sure your listing details
and amenities accurately illustrate what you offer and what's unique about your space. Look at other listings
in your area to get inspiration! You can also request professional photography to make your space look its best.

2. Set a competitive price to attract guests and reach your earnings goals.

You can set a weekly rate and a monthly rate. You can also set custom prices for specific dates that will be in demand,
or difficult to book. You have complete control over how much it costs for guests to stay in your place.

Service fees are 3% of what you charge your guest, which will be automatically subtract before you get your payout.
Guest fees are charged on a sliding scale from 6% to 12%, on top of the price you charge.

3. Set guidelines for who can book your place.

Confirmation that a guest has verified their contact information or social media profiles can give you more information
to make your hosting decisions. You can also set your reservation requirements to only accept requests from guests
who have completed the Verified ID process.

4. Once you're ready to hear from guests, make sure your listing is public.

When you’ve highlighted everything that makes your space fantastic, set your page to Listed to make it public.
After about 12 hours, guests will be able to see it when they search.

5. Keep your communication with guests on Airbnb to protect your privacy.

None of your personal contact information will be public on your listing page. Only when you confirm a reservation with a guest
will we send them your phone number and listing address. In addition, we'll create a unique, temporary email address for you to
use to communicate with them.

6. Respond to guests quickly.

You'll receive two main types of communication from guests:

It's important to respond to booking inquiries and reservation requests within 24 hours so that guests can make their travel plans.
Review how we measure responsiveness, which will impact how visible your listing is when guests search.

7. Use your dashboard to keep track of reservations at your listing.

Your Airbnb dashboard and the Host Home section of the mobile app will help you keep track of your reservations.
Use the statuses to see which guests need a response, what reservations are confirmed, and which plans have changed.

8. Choose a payout method so you can get paid!

You'll get paid approximately 24 hours after your guest checks in. Depending on the payout method you've chosen,
it can take a day or two to receive the payment in your account. You can use your transaction history to track your payouts.

9. Keep your commitments to your guests and avoid canceling.

When you confirm a reservation, remember that your guest is counting on you to follow through. Cancellations are really
disruptive for guests, but we know that sometimes the unexpected happens. Keep in mind, unless there are
extenuating circumstances, you may face cancellation penalties.

10. Send or request additional payments in our simple Resolution Center.

If you need to request repayment for a broken glass or send a guest a partial refund, you can use the
Resolution Center to work out an agreement with your guest and securely process the payment.





Down on the farm

I first met Duncan 9 years ago when he was a 12-year old schoolboy. His family; mother, father, five brothers and three sisters were all living together in a simple farm labourers' cottage provided by their employer. Duncan, his parents and his unmarried siblings still live there. Their employer's farm comprises of some 60 hectares of arable land located deep in the rural English county of Norfolk. The farmer's main source of income is derived from sugar-beet. He also keeps a few animals -- mainly pigs and chickens, to provide food for the table. Any surplus meat and eggs are sold at the local farmers' market.

Duncan's family have been farm workers for as long as anyone can remember; contentedly living, working and dying within a few miles of where they were born. Few family members have ever travelled outside the county. Some have